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1. Make sure you meet the requirements 

2. When you apply, your application is passed onto our Human resources who review your application to ensure you are a suitable driver for Clark Logistics  

3. Apply on TruckerMP & Trucks Book 

Once you get settled into are TruckerMP and Trucksbook you will be able to start working for the company! 

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Join over 40 happy drivers!

No Monthly Requirements

No mile requirements letting you drive when and where you want

Private Convoy

Weekly driver only events

Community Support

Active staff team  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I just applied. How long will it take? 

You should get a response within the hour however if that’s not the case feel free to open a ticket in are discord. Links to are discord can be found on are TruckersMP page and also on the website about us page

Can I apply again if my application gets denied? 

If your application gets denied, you can re-apply again after one week if you meet our requirements.

How will I know if I've been accepted? 

You will receive a discord message sent by our staff that will contain your application results or we will notify you in a discord ticket.

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