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About Us

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Clark logistics LTD We are a VTC based of a real-life trucking company owned by my family. The reason for this is so we can offer you the best experience that no other company can. Our journey is just starting on the TMP but IRL we have been operating for over 50 years and we are bringing all that experience in to the game to create a fun but also realistic experience for all are drivers.


What We Offer

→ Diverse driving - in our company we drive on anything from motorways to treacherous mountains on some of the world's most dangerous roads

→ Adventure - learn new things and grow together

→ Friends – Drive together and meet new people

→ Experience – Giving the most realistic experience no other vtc can

→ Rewards – Through hard work in our company you can win prizes

→ Job Logger – We operate using a jobs logger called trucks book that’s well know and widely used in the truckersMP community

→ Support – we offer a 24/7 support service to help all are drivers

→ Streamers – Custom stream packs and overlays to help grow your own community

→ Driver ranking – We have a custom driver ranking system to reward are drives for their output



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